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How and where do I purchase tickets?

We will be announcing when tickets go on sale to each year group very soon, so keep your eyes peeled on our socials. These tickets will also be linked to our socials, so just follow the information once it has been announced to purchase tickets. All wristbands and tickets will be digital this year so no need to come onto campus to collect them.

How do I know if I'm following the right accounts?

All of our Official Freshers 2021 content will feature our logos and branding (Brighton Students' Union.) If you are unsure, feel free to check with us via our email: before purchasing tickets. Alternatively, you can follow our social media channels for updates, a full list of events when they go live, and frequent updates on what your Students' Union is doing all year round.

Who are Brighton Students' Union

Brighton Students' Union is a supportive, representative, and fully independent charity run by students, for students. We're here for you every step of your journey as a student here at the University of Brighton. Coming to University is always a unique and exciting experience for any student. We're dedicated to making sure that every one of our 18,000 students feel both supported and empowered. We do this by working alongside the University and ensuring that students are at the forefront of every major decision they take. Some of the things we do (besides organising Freshers) include running vital campaigns & lobbying around the things you care about. Most recently, these include: COVID-19 Support, Lecture Capture, Hate Crime Awareness and much more. Looking for something fun to get involved with? We also support over 30+ student led societies and activities throughout the year!

I have a question that wasn't listed, who do I contact?

For any further information regarding freshers please email us at:

How does Freshtival work this year?

For this year’s Freshers we are going bigger than ever! We are hosting a 2-week programme jam packed with immersive and exciting events. We are offering 1 week for those of you going into your second year and of course the traditional week for those of you joining us in September. We will also have a separate freshers week for those of you over on our Eastbourne campus. To stay up to date with our latest and OFFICIAL announcements make sure you are following our official socials. Click the links below.

Why should I get involved?

Freshers is one of the most memorable experiences you will have as a student. This year we have something for everyone whether you are into clubbing or activities, we have you covered. Not only do we have 2 weeks full of jam-packed themed events, but we also have an alternative programme of daytime activities, virtual events and an explorer day with plenty of offers and deals for you to get your teeth into.

Will I need a Covid passport?

Following the recent government guidance on Covid passports, we're working closely with our partner venues to bring you the latest on what this means for students attending our events (including our 2-week Freshtival programme!). Further details will be published here soon. If you have any queries, then please email us directly.

Who can come to Freshtival?

Freshtival 2021 is aimed towards both first- and second-year students. Rewind is for second years and Reloaded is for our first years, however, we welcome any year group and first year masters students. This is typically only available to the University of Brighton students, if you are a Sussex student and have accidently found yourself on this page then please follow this link that takes you directly to your SU Freshers page. We also have a Freshtival week for our Eastbourne students specifically, so everyone gets to join in!

Do 3rd party wristbands work to get into Brighton Freshtival?

NO. Third party wristbands do not allow you entry to any of our events. As a union we advise you to purchase BSU wristbands only and follow our main social pages for updates and information. Third party companies will always be selling wristbands around this time of year, and we have no affiliation to these companies. Top Tip: If you look out for the BSU logo as well as following any link on our socials you are sure to have the right tickets.

What procedures do you have in place to ensure Freshtival is Covid Safe?

All of our events will only take place in line with the government guidelines. We are working closely with all parties involved to ensure the safest and most enjoyable experience for everyone. We will also be offering some virtual events for those of you that would still prefer to stay online. Your Safety Please only attend our events if you are showing NO symptoms of the following. The main symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are:

  • a high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
  • a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you have noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal

I am self-isolating/ in quarantine will I still be able to take part?

If you happen to find yourself having to isolate or in quarantine during our freshers weeks fear not. We will still have some virtual activities for you to get involved with.

What happens if we are in another national lockdown?

In the event of another lockdown all events will be postponed until the next possible dates, and you will have a choice between rolling your ticket over or receiving a full refund. This will simply be a click of a button away.

What happens if I catch Covid?

We have decided as a union to protect all Freshtival and other event tickets this year through a provider called Ticket plan. Just make sure you click the box to add it to your ticket. You may have realised that ticket prices are cheaper than previous years this is so that we can absorb that cost for you!

Will we have to have Covid Passports?

We will be following the Government guidelines very closely on this, come September. As will all the clubs and partners. When purchasing your ticket you will notice a tick box in which you will agree to follow the guidelines at the time to be able to enter. Unfortunately, this is not a union decision and is down to any new restrictions that the government implement.

Will I get a refund if I have a positive covid test?

Yes. This falls under your insurance with Ticket plan. When you purchase your ticket make sure you read all of the T’s&C’s and tick the box to add the insurance to your ticket. Remember, you are not paying any extra as we have deducted it from our previous prices as we wanted to make sure this was covered for you.

I am self-isolating will I still be able to take part?

We will have various online and virtual events for you to get your teeth into, so have no fear. We also have lots of events all the way up until Halloween so you will absolutely be able to attend events after your isolation period ends.